Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interview With Company Negotiator Ken By Crystal Ball

You guys have told me that the company is planning on bringing the "negotiators" in to speak with you next week.............. I am asking you all not to antagonize or bother these people either - it's not worth it.

Let's look into the future and study what will be said at their meetings and some questions they cannot answer:

NEGOTIATOR: Hello my name is NEGOTIATOR KEN. I want to speak to you about the upcoming election, negotiating, what happens in negotiations and what risks you are taking.

WORKERS: Hi! NEGOTIATOR KEN, we are all sitting at the big round table and listening good. We want to hear why we need to allow ourselves to be treated like children with no rights here in the Newburgh Can plant.

NEGOTIATOR KEN: OK Great. You guys seem to all be on board so far with the concept, so let's start right up. Do you guys know that IF YOU VOTE THE UNION IN and we begin to negotiate we will start at zero, nothing, no money? Do you know that we could start negotiating at minimum wages and no benefits?

WORKERS: Who would do such an awful thing to us Negotiator Ken? You were brought here to speak to us for our benefit, weren't you? Ohhhh, so you must mean that it would be the UNION that says they want our pay to go down?.....and THAT is WHY we shouldn't vote the union in?

NEGOTIATOR KEN: No, it would be the company, or really me - Negotiator Ken - who would propose that your pay should go down because you want the union here.

WORKERS: Oh, but why would YOU or the company want to hurt us and our families like that? I thought that you all cared about our families and well being? Isn't that why we are spending so much time in these captive meetings all month? Because the company is concerned about US?

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Well, we will have to do that to fight against the union.

WORKERS: But we thought Dan told us that we were free to make our choice and he encouraged us to excercise our rights and to weigh out the facts. But he said in the end we have the right to make that choice.

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Well, Dan must have mis-spoke a little. He does that some times when he talks to you guys. He meant as long as you made the choice that was best for the company and the best choice for us is that you have no voice and no rights at work. We don't want the union to butt in OUR decision making either.

WORKERS: But all 164 of US are the union. How can you have these meetings for us, give us almost parental-like advice,warn of terrible things that could happen and THEN not tell us that it is YOU who will do those terrible things to us? All we want is our wages and benefits written down - we just want what is fair to us. We are mostly longtime employees. It makes us wonder about the company intentions and true feelings for US when we know that as a union shop we will still value the company but question whether they will do the same for us. We are all the same people we have always been! That would be a bad attitude to have and a bad business decision to make. It does not make sense.

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Yes it does! It makes perfect sense. You see the union is supposed to protect the interests of the workers. We cannot have our 164 workers have any protections that would give them a right that would interfere with one of our management decisions - no matter how bad of a decision it may be for the workers. You see? We are protecting you from the union.

WORKERS: But Negotiator Ken, you DO realize that you are talking right here to THE VERY PEOPLE who will make up the UNION NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE and also the people that they will represent? You know that we ALL are the union, don't you? You know we chose to call them in here, don't you? Did they tell you that 72% of the employees signed cards authorizing IBEW Local 363 to represent us and even more have contacted the union to join in? Do you realize right now we know you are threatening and trying to scare us out of organizing and thus not being able to negotiate at the table? We realize that is what you are doing.......and it is not working.

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Threats? Uh, no we are not threatening. Do you know that negotiations could take up to a year or longer and we could still have no contract?

WORKERS: But we also know - and so do you NEGOTIATOR KEN - that most of the negotiations will be to get what we are doing now on paper. That will not be that hard or time consuming NEGOTIATOR KEN, in fact, fair negotiations couldn't possibly take a year. Maybe a a month but that's it. Unless you plan on purposely stalling the negotiations or not bargaining in good faith - then you could drag it along but it would be so obvious to all of us. Plus then the people would start to get antsy on that production floor - and that's no good for the company profits is it NEGOTIATOR KEN? Besides you know that negotiating IN BAD FAITH would be a Federal Law violation and an Unfair Labor Practice so we have to disagree with your timeline.

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Do you guys realize you have to pay the union to negotiate for you?

WORKERS: No, IBEW Local 363 pays for the entire cost of negotiating no matter how long it takes! We don't pay anything until we vote yes on the contract! Isn't that great? By the way, what do YOU get paid to do this, NEGOTIATOR KEN?

NEGOTIATOR KEN: I will not disclose that.

WORKERS: Are you here NOW for our benefit and because you are concerned about our families and our lives?

NEGOTIATOR KEN: Oh yes, I care very much about you all, That is why I am here today.

WORKERS: So then we can TRUST YOU and be confident that you would not propose anything bad for us at the negotiating table because you care about us?

NEGOTIATOR KEN: No, no, you have it all mixed up. When I get to the NEGOTIATING table I will be AGAINST you and your families benefit. I know it is confusing but I really do care TODAY. I am here for your benefit and you should all LISTEN CAREFULLY to my logic. BELIEVE MY WORDS - I am your friend.

Reality check..........

Negotiator Ken, Dan, Tony and every other bought and paid for entertainer that they march out are going to tell you ANYTHING to get you to not vote for yourselves and your own future. They are just saving their own asses - that is what each one is doing - except Britto - he owns the place. He's waiting on the sidelines to fire one of them when the IBEW gets in here and I can't wait to see it.

Whoever gets it will deserve it for trying to threaten and scare the people because WE ARE COMING IN. IBEW Local 363 is THE PEOPLES CHOICE AND IT CANNOT BE STOPPED.

The fact is that everything the people have is in jeopardy right now and it will continue to be in jeopardy every day - UNTIL WE HAVE A CONTRACT AND IBEW LOCAL 363 IN NEWBURGH. Just look at you recent history of LOSING THINGS - there is your future without that contract.

The biggest risk for the Newburgh Can Plant workers is to be WITHOUT A UNION........... not to have IBEW Local 363 represent them.

We are VOTING IN OUR UNION! Let's keep what's good and improve the rest! Let's get a contract......and no Kenny, it ain't takin a year either.



  1. just more BS and lies we need to get through. When you get down to it folks, Sam has been the one who has been for US during this last month. Dan is not for us, he wants to stop us. Forget it Dan you lost a long time ago. Neither is Tony. Don't believe his crap. Ken? We could give a hoot what this guy is gonna say.

    votin yessssssssss 363

  2. OMG!
    OK, Dan we get it, YOU would not choose to be in a union. Thankfully you don't get to vote, we do. It was really hard to NOT laugh at your latest attempt to discredit Local 363. Now that we know what Sam and company make, we need to know what you make, hey, you opened that can of worms. How can we compare if you don't come clean here? Since you listed their pay, we need to see yours, Tony's and the company negotiator and lawyers. BTW Sam gave us that info over 6 weeks ago when we asked him. I have no doubt that you will get back to us on that. I'll be waiting............

    You say that Local 363 is failing. If they get us they add 12% to their business. Maybe they would give you some tips to improve your business model.

    We will only pay 85K for 125K worth of advice, that sounds like a good deal for us. Kind of like insurance to me and it will cost less than my auto insurance.

    .......Still waiting to hear real answers to our questions and not that lawyer preapproved stuff you are feeding us.

    Your meetings are great (for us) yesterday 2 more fence sitters joined the FOR group. Thanks for the help.

  3. We will, We will ROCK YOU!

    on August 27 and August 28

    Solidarity FOREVER!


  4. saynotomanagementshowAugust 4, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Hmm lets see where to start at. I guess tony's letter would be a good place. Tony you were a good plant manager at mcc i will give you that. You held everyone from managers to hourly responsible for their actions. Then you moved on to corporate and lost touch with what was going on with us. You may say "no bullshit i did not" but look at where we have gone and where we are at. You came down a few months ago and tried to cheer us up. You should have known when very little people ate the steaks that we were not going to drink the kool-aid also. You didn't get it you just listened to Dan, Warren, Holly and the rest of the lying managers. So shame on you Tony for losing your own plant. I thought i felt sorry for you but now you will learn to deal with the people as a whole. A UNION WHOLE. And Dan there will be no third party representing us the third party is the lawyers and corporate people you are using to try and block us. I look at things this way, we pay car insurance, we pay house insurance, now we will pay workers insurance that is pretty cheap when you see what it does and can do for you. Dan don't worry about what Sam and the other union people make because what they make is to help us protect ourselves from peoples like you and corporate. there was a time when we could have done roundtables and worked on stuff but that time has passed and the new bargaining chips are being put in place. Ive listened for years but know Sam seems to have the better answers so i will roll the dice there. And another comment on that dan, Sam will not take anything from us, that is management scare tactics and if you did take anything from us that would show your true colors and upper management, I hope your listening Tony. And your video about union Ibew was a generic let me throw the cd in and hope it works tactic that really did nothing for all of us. I could go on and on but I think you all get the picture even though you don't want to admit it. stop living in the dream world and lets just vote and get this ball rolling once and for all. Sam is waiting!!! All my brothers and sisters in the plant stay strong and keep the push up it won't be long. Remember help is just around the corner. Vote yes and we move from here. Thanks again Sam and everyone at the Ibew.

  5. Very well said and you are ALL welcome. We are really going to make things better TOGETHER.
    Dan needs to march out what IBEW 363 does - show us dvd's of that - not just some crap generated by somebody to make money off of fighting the people from wanting a union.

    Why dont you contact the LOCAL churches, boy scouts, countless little leagues , Youth football leagues, hospitals, local colleges, local high schools, United Way, Red Cross,Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, battered women groups, Senior citizens groups and so many other people in need and ask them what they all think of IBEW Local 363. WE donate money and FREE labor to all of these groups when and if they are in need. Ask Ulster county who paid the rent on their Sheriffs office for 6 months when it was cut out of the budget? We did. We made that happen for the community.

    What a great, great union IBEW Local 363.

    YOU GUYS will be a great addition to that union and great union members!


  6. Joe Owner Lightning ExpressAugust 4, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    I organized with Sam from Local 363 and I will have to admit it was a real pleasure doing business with Sam. ( A true man of his word ) I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship with local 363. Even when we do have issues with employees it is handle quickly & fairly.My employees are extremely happy with Sam and his leadership ability. And I'm the owner of the company and I'm proud to have union labor.

  7. Way to go Saynotomanagementshow. You hit it on the head. I have talked to most of the people on all four crews. I can tell you all we have won already.That is not a hope or a dream, it is reality. Sam I know you have to keep the momentum going,and you need too.I just want to be able to tell people especially those who are against it. Accept it. Its not a lie. Its a fact. You should start letting go of the anger and disbelief.We need to move towards a chapter in our plants history.The team of Newburgh will rise again as soon as the paperwork clears.We need to turn towards the future of focusing on doing what we do best. Making cans.We want a fair and prosperous place for all of us to work. Im confident that the people who didnt want this to happen want to continue to make good money and be happy again, and take pride in what we do. Just like I said in the past,the union has already made this happen. Look how much Tony and Dan care about you.Tony has finally written us and Dan wants to talk to us every day. Looking forward, not back, let the past float away, and accept that WE are local 363.This is a strong union, as you are a part now. make it stronger keep it strong.Show the rest we are stronger with you than without.Welcome all.

  8. I am a union man is right. I know because I hang with people who would never ever have been drawn to the union but we ARE drawn now to IBEW Local 363. Sam has been just great answerigng every question openly and honestly. How many lies has Dan told? Too many to count. It is to the point that he looks foolish. Dan, the Fool On The Hill video a few stories back is really what you have become. If you don't give it up you are going to crash REAL hard. Call St. Louis and tell them we want THEM to meet SAM. The elction will be an ultra embarrassment for you guys IF you let it gp through. I wouldn't if I were you because you are going to be smashed flat with YES votes. Just accept it. Sam is a good guy and a good guy to deal with too. This is a Godsend for our plant. Get on board Dan because Sam is no dummy either and he isn't afraid of you or Tony or anybody else you can "fly in" here. Lets end it and make it work. That is Sams first choice to make it work for us all. If you guys fight he will fight you for US. You guys will make that choice and you will get to CHOOSE the path for all of us. I'm ready either way.

    I'm voting for me, I'm voting YES.

  9. Danny Boy,

    During our round rable today--Dave L was writing so fast the paper was smoking from the friction of his pen. They say unions are becoming less and less--How many companies have gone over seas because of the cheap labor? We want what is fair Dan. Lift up our Package.. We deserve it..

  10. ihearvoicesinmyheadAugust 4, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    ruff ruff waoooooooooh to da black dawg