Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Won't Get Fooled Again

1994 AB



Check Mate



  1. Hi Tony, Sorry you made the trip here but it's to late we are going union and there is nothing
    you can say to change that.We have no choose
    and we like and trust Sam we are all hanging together we know we will win this.

  2. If Tony is on our side he will know that this is what we all want and he will respect that. If he can't do that he never was our friend to begin with.

    Tony make sure you come around after we vote the union in and still tell us you like us and care about us. You can even make sure we come to a fair agreement for a fair contract.

    Countin on ya Tones

  3. Tony why did it take you so long to get here?
    Now we have made our minds up.Hope you can respect that.Your meetings will be a waste of time nothing against you.We like you but your staff is bad this is a big game to them they think we are morons. Dan is trying but this is not his fault it's the unknown and that's why we need a contract.

  4. Any bets on what Tony will say?

    How about "I'm sorry, things are going to change, this is our wake up call".

    Sound familiar?

    It's what he said in 1994 before our last union vote.

    Change the name, same game - Russ, "we fell asleep at the wheel, things are going to change for the better, together we will improve"

    Well, you are right Tony. This is my wake up call. My eyes are wide open.

    I am voting NO to more of your lies.
    I am voting NO to your empty promises by


  5. I hear Tony's in town. I also hear when he showed up at the plant he didn't look like a happy camper. Did he bring Pete K.? Kramer, not the CPO. Why the long face? Had to ride coach? From St Louis to Newark? SWF is too much $$$$ to fly direct? Did you get an economy rental? A Chevy AVEO? A SMART car? What can you tell us now that we see you too are getting hosed by AB-Inbev? We are wrong? Sorry, it don't play well to the masses. It's all about CYA. Do you blame us when we see that management, even up to your level/status, is taking a beating too? We can do something about it! And this is our response. CYA. A kind of insurance. I do not want to bust my butt to bolster the Euro or the peseta. Good ole' US Greenbacks. They have already taken enough from me and all of us, YOU INCLUDED, Tony, Dan, Dave, even you Ken, all of us. THE TEAM. No more. Let the Great MCC Newburgh Union Experiment happen, (I don't think you really have a choice). We really aren't going to ask for much, we are humble. Let's talk. Rationally. I guess I'll see you for my Roundtable. Don't shake my hand and ask me how's it going but right now I'd be perfectly honest and tell you I think it's going great, and it's going to get better. The benefit of what we are doing outweighs the debit of Inbev.

  6. After reading all your "passionate" comments over the past few weeks, one thing is certain to me. Fortunately for the MAJORITY of teammembers at our plant, there are probably less than 15 teammembers that are actively contributing on this site. Lots of fancy words of solidarity and strength, but overall, short on real facts. Plenty of "PASSION" though! Everybody just wants a CONTRACT. Like it will save us all. Yeah, right....

    Some of you feel so ENTITLED that you think that you are "OWED" three hours of breaks per 12 hour day and you are offended that mgmt would try to cut them back to what is twice what most area manufacturing workers get. And that you would actually try to make an issue of this is foolish and arrogant. In some respects, if this thing was ever voted in, you'd deserve what you'd get.

    It's a good thing that Metal Container hired so many really intelligent teammembers because the majority of them will easily see past all that "PASSION" and rhetoric and know that the only way to pick up the pieces of this ill conceived attempt at organizing is to vote IBEW 363 the hell out!

    If all of you spent as much energy trying to make things better as you spend bashing the existing system, we'd all have a relationship we would be proud of and a workplace we would enjoy coming to.

    And NO, I'm not management. I am just another teammember like all of you. One that has been working at Newburgh for over 20 years.

  7. Tony call Sam and work it out. We are going to be IBEW so you better just work with us. We are already proud to be local 363 and we didnt even vote yet! We aen't asking for millon dollar bonuses either. We just want to be protected and have it all down in writing. Tony you have yours in writing nd I bet you even have something in their for a huge severence if you leave. We have nothing Tony. It can all be taken away and we would have nothing to say. Those days are over Tony. This is a new company and this is a new workforce, one that has to fend for itself.

    We are fending for ourselves and we are bringing in Sam, the IBEW and local 363.

    the previous writerwas right. Now we will see who the real Tony is and was. You better respect us either way or you will not be able to ever show your face again.

  8. Hey everybody - 9:18PM is Ken.

    "If all of you spent as much energy trying to make things better as you spend bashing the existing system, we'd all have a relationship we would be proud of and a workplace we would enjoy coming to."

    "Everybody just wants a CONTRACT. Like it will save us all. Yeah, right...."

    "And that you would actually try to make an issue of this is foolish and arrogant."

    "Some of you feel so ENTITLED..."

    Real people who work for a living and have no rights as of this writing do not write in against themselves Ken.

    Get a new way to pass yourself off as a real person - yu are too easy to pick out as a phoney.

    Only 15 ,huh? your math is off a bit.

    44,000 hits Ken

    We will all see on August 27th /28th that the people will speak as a block and make this statement: WE ARE ENTITLED to a CONTRACT.


  9. He's the arrogant one Sam not us And I hate to say this but if it is a team member it is just one of the suckups writing it for Ken and Dan.

    We do have them.
    Everybody has them.
    But my fellow canslaves have no fear because it is US that want to be UNION that are in the majority and oh mama I cannot wait for that night they count the votes and we become a union plant.

    After that anonymous no more!

  10. was that ken the phony negotiator. well ken just keep your dumb ass at corporate and don't use our blog to talk your stupidity. You were a waste of time and i have a question for you. What were those boils or spots on your arm. hmm I think i know. lol lol lol Stay off our blog!!!!!!!

  11. I Call Them As I See Them (Anonymously)August 17, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    Anonymous at 9:18. You are entitled to your opinion, just like everyone else. Yes the personal bashing is uncalled for. Bashing the system? Bashing the injustices of the system, does that upset you? Did you benefit from the injustices? Kleenex and chapstick, please. Over your 20 years here you haven't witnessed people unfairly terminated after being reinstated for a level 1? Are you happy paying more and more for dwindling medical benefits? No money in your pension fund? No one was ever owed 3 (1) hour breaks. The policy was always 15/30/15. The non-tactful way that the "new break policy" was delivered, made something that could have been a good thing another step towards the "us against them" attitude. The open door policy has a moat and draw bridge around it. The company has a Dr. that they consult on people coming back from injury or sickness who appently is more learned than cardiologists, onocologists, etc. And has the say over who returns to work. I'd advise you, don't get sick or hurt. Were you satisfied with your 1% raise check? Taxed at 42%? 1% to me is a heck of a lot more than $538.00. Management loses their pension next year, when are you ready to lose yours? 20+ years, pffft. The number of contributors has nothing to do with your perceived Majority. Many come on as "Anonymous" just like you. One more thought, did you ever think the unionistas also think they can make it a better place? If it's "ill conceived" do you have a better plan? Let's hear it. I'm all ears.

  12. I really hope no one believes what tony has to say, trust me it has nothing to do with the team it is all about him and always has been. he will be trying to save face. He will be taking this personal, he has to understand that it is not personal it is business. If you do believe him you will not just be fooled but the fool.

  13. I Call Them The Way I See ThemAugust 17, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    If that was really Ken maybe corporate should have sent Bill Shatner. If that is what the company has to offer as a negotiator count me in. Mano y mano, eyeball to eyeball. I'll bring the Kleenex and The Chapstick for him, maybe some rouge and mascara. Powerpoint to powerpoint presentation. Cliche to cliche. C'mon, really, Photos of ex-Soviet union workers on strike from 1978, lifted from Pravda. (Disco soundtrack). I would be more than happy to face him in a debate about my wages and benefits. Yes, count me in.

  14. 9:18 my god were you born without a gag reflex

  15. Dan ,
    I told you before that the most dangerous time for you is when Tony shows up. He needs a scape goat. Maybe Warren instead? Maybe both? Get ready somebody has got to take one for the team(Tony).

  16. A little before bed poem from Sam:

    Tony, Tony, Tony
    the people don't want baloney,
    you gave them all that they could take,
    they wouldn't even eat the Corporate steak.

    Now here you come,
    flyin in,
    telling them to tighten up,
    with caviar on your chin.

    Better call Ken,
    better call Dan,
    the people are together,
    and they got a plan.

    They hooked up with the IBEW,
    and they have their back,
    the people want a voice,
    and to work with a contract.

    Call me Tony (845) 783-3500

    Do this the right way - After August 27/28 "team" is really going to mean "team" and it can work to everyones advantage.

    Call me.

  17. Hey Sam,
    Wait until you meet Tony Blah Blah. He wont let Dan or Lehman deal with you. He doesnt trust them. I hope you get a chance to meet Warren before he goes. Tony is going to have him "resign to pursue other interests" probably.After you meet the "dream team" you will understand how things got as bad as they have. They will probably be replaced with more brazilian nuts. Brito doesnt trust Americans, unless they have no gag reflex. Oh hey 9:18 you might be in line for a promotion soon.

  18. Windsor here again,
    Just dropping a note of support for you all.
    We are watching and want you to know that we wish you luck on the election. United we stand.

  19. 9:18 Well, the brain washing worked on you. It's not just about breaks.
    It's about the way we have NO SAY in our future.
    A union won't solve all our issues, I know that. It will give us a voice though. Management stopped asking our opinion years ago.
    Their "open door" doesn't work either. Too many times, team members gave good ideas and they were rejected, only to come back years later as a management idea that was good for business. The new strappers are just one of them. When a TM suggested them for OUR health they were turned down as there was not enough data on them. Now, they will save the company a few coins it's a good idea. Just few other ideas that were rejected are Friday payday, mainteninece days on Wednesday or Thursday and changing the old A crew works line 1, B crew works line 2 etc. That all changed when management felt it was good for business. TM's came up with those ideas, not management. I, and many others are tired of banging our heads on the wall.
    Then there is the issue of management not accepting any responibility when they are at fault. The AGV's were jammed down our throats with ZERO input from us. Management was informed of the storage issues MONTHS before the filler shutdown AND on the crew before the incident. What was managements responce? Blame the current on crew TM's. That could have been you or me.
    I'm sure you have heard the latest excuses from them, bad timing, really it was planned in advance, honest.
    Well the brainwashing didn't work on me.
    My eyes are open, I see through the BS.
    The system is broken.
    I was never a union man before, but management has forced me into this.
    I want my voice heard.
    Myself and the other 14 posters here(oops, I mean 140)will be voting "YES". Hope you are with us, if not, you know where the door is.

  20. Our group is SOLID. WE WILL make this place beeter for the people. I hope I deal directly with Tony. He will quickly see that O care about the same people he claims o care about. If we are both truthful - everything should come out just fine.

    No matter how much babble Ken and Dan dribbled down their chins abot how having a contract is bad.

    This is a new Newburgh. As they say at the NFA Basketball games......


  21. Lets not be fooled again, pay no attention to the corporate rhetoric, lets keep our eyes on the prize, lets unionize. We need a contract!!!!

  22. Thanks Windsor! Thanks Ball! Thanks Ball Chief Shop Steward Tony R. Thanks LSI! Thanks Jax! Thanks Newark! Thanks Lightning Express Owner Joe!

    Thanks to all of you who have supported the people of MCC Newburgh in their efforts to have a written contract.

    Your kind words of support are going a long way!

    We are going to make you all proud of us!

  23. My thoughts......I think the reason they don't want a union in Newburgh,they are afraid that the other plants will follow us. MCC if you are watching this blog I bet you guys & gals have the same issues. Stay strong and vote yes time to go nite nite.

  24. We are waiting on the side lines!

  25. Plenty of "PASSION" though! Everybody just wants a CONTRACT. Like it will save us all. Yeah, right....8:59 pm. Sam i truly feel sorry for this individual, obviously in this statement he knows where in trouble as a company and a workforce but he feels nothing can help us, sort of feeling trapped! He feels alot like the rest of us! Hey Plenty of Passion
    have some piece of mind.... A contract will give
    you plenty peace of mind. Knowing that we are
    negotiating for ourselves, we are determining
    are value not Britto from a third world country!
    You sound pretty intelligent and naive at the
    same time. Do you really think that 15 people
    are going to look at this 45,000 times in a matter of a couple months.The facts are the
    people arent waiting for things to get worse
    there coming together as one and watching each
    others back,a true family, a MCC and 363 family
    I believe your looking at it as... what am i going to do? and your totally right! Nothing.
    Now look at as what are we 164 people going to
    do about it? A heck lot more than one! Join us
    Fight for yourself as well as your brother and
    sister. And have that peace of mind!

  26. Sadistic Canmaker - YOU are 100% right in your analogy.

    1 person cannot do ANYTHING but....

    164 can do wonders!

    Vote Yes IBEW Local 363 for that chanceto do wonders!

  27. There was an overtime proceedure at MCC for 22 yrs. A team member was being forced in on overtime when in fact the person who signed up should have filled that ot slot. This team member was finally able to get this resolved with the help of a backend team leader who stepped up to the plate in defense that this was proceedure. But the team member was told by management that this is not policy because it was'nt in writing. Although management told that tm he/she did not have to work, WHY after 22 yrs was this not in writing??? Everyone knew this was proceedure! This is only 1 example of why we need things in writing. A CONTRACT Keep up the good work watching each others back and VOTE FOR US. VOTE YES