Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's A New Can For Ya Dan - The $25,000 Dollar Can

Thank you to all of the great people who work at the Newburgh Can Plant. You are truly an amazing story of American Workers standing together for the betterment yourself and of all who work there. Thank you for contacting Local 363 and asking us to organize you. It has really been a pleasure to become friends with you all and to help you get together to protect yourselves and achieve your goal of getting a written contract.

I am getting many phone calls, emails and blog posts complaining about how stupid and boring Dans meetings and his "tapes" are. Those are CAPTIVE MEETINGS. You are REQUIRED and MANDATED to attend Dans meetings by Dan. Don't get confused - it is the IBEW meetings that are optional. I am sorry that you have to waste an hour and a half almost everyday but look at the bright side - breaks can be longer when this is all over! We have production time to kill talking!

We think that is A VERY LOUSY management plan.

An hour and a half X 164 people = 246 man hours of production lost for each meeting we attend. With the average of between $22 and $30 dollars and using $25 dollars an hour as a middle wage - that's WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

It costs ABINBEV- $6150 for each meeting they hold EVERY WEEK. That is OVER $25,000 dollars a MONTH they are spending to stop this! HAVING THE UNION MUST BE WORTH MORE THAN THAT THEN, HUH?

The shame is that $25,000 Dollars could be going toward your HEALTH COSTS or YOUR 401K. Instead, they are spending $25,000 to work against you. To keep you WEAK,POWERLESS AND VOICELESS.

And at the same time they POINT to the union and have the nerve to question if the union spends money on the people.



DAN, KEN , TONY, DAVE ALREADY BLEW THAT ONE. They can't guarantee they WON'T spend money AGAINST you BECAUSE they are right in the middle of DOING IT. And they will be spending more than $25,000 a month when the big lawyers and negotiators get here.

It is not neccessary! We are ALL REASONABLE ADULTS ON THIS SIDE OF THE TABLE. Just be reasonable with us and we can settle this. The people want the union and the union wants the people. The union protects the people and the people protect the union. All because the union is US, all of us together!

I will publicize what the company spends AGAINST it's employees and we can compare it to what they could have given YOU instead.

You DON'T stand a chance Dan. Neither do you Tony. Pack up your tents and call me in.

So Tony, Dan, Dave, WARREN THE DANCER and YES, YOU TOO - Ken - here is to your new $25,000 a month can.

It's OUR money you are wasting and we want it back.





  2. This Blog is the best thing that we ever had around here. Even better than a steak...haha.

    I thought I heard Dan tell one of the managers that he thought the company was going to LOSE THE ELECTION.

    I can't wait to have a union and a right to speak my mind at work. I have been treated like a kid in school for too long now with my new company inbev.

    Its over Dan. We're voting yes for 363 get used to it.

  3. We are ready Sam! We are so excited to see this all happen, we are behind you.

    After August 28 I am Local 363 and I am IBEW

  4. Sam we are all so excited about becoming union.
    Dan just don't get it they are wasting their
    time these meetings are stupid we don't believe a thing they say.We are all so strong about this.
    Keep the good work up Sam.

    Vote yes and stay strong !

  5. Joe Owner Lightning ExpressAugust 4, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    I organized with Sam from Local 363 and I will have to admit it was a real pleasure doing business with Sam. ( A true man of his word ) I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship with local 363. Even when we do have issues with employees it is handle quickly & fairly.My employees are extremely happy with Sam and his leadership ability. And I'm the owner of the company and I'm proud to have union labor.

  6. counting the daysAugust 4, 2010 at 9:31 PM

    Sam today we got talken why not to many people
    go to the union meetings.
    #1 The team members know they are votin yes.
    #2 They have company spies going to the meetings so we don't feel free to ask question.But we are working with you through phone calls and the blog hope that works for you.

    We want you we want IBEW

  7. Dan this is for you a comparison.Looks like Anronld is doing pretty good.

    Cost of Living Comparison:
    Newburgh, New York - St. Louis, Missouri
    Change cities

    St. Louis is
    cheaper than Newburgh.

    are the biggest factor in the cost of living difference.

    Utilities are
    cheaper in St. Louis.
    A salary of $70,000 in Newburgh, New York could decrease to $53,137 in St. Louis, Missouri

    Newburgh U.S. Avg. St. Louis
    » Compare these cities in over 100 categories

    Cost of Living Indexes Newburgh St. Louis
    Overall 107 81
    Food 109 96
    Housing 97 62
    Utilities 130 85
    Transportation 107 92
    Health 107 100
    Miscellaneous 112 90
    100=national average


    Most Recent Searches on Cost of Living
    Current City Comparison City
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Compare
    Chipley, Florida Macclenny, Florida Compare
    Charlotte, North Carolina Atlanta, Georgia Compare
    Findlay, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Compare
    Chipley, Florida Macclenny, Florida Compare
    Findlay, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Compare
    Ballard, West Virginia Charleston, West Virginia Compare
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania College Park, Maryland Compare
    Fort Collins, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Compare
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania College Park, Maryland Compare

  8. Sam we got another fence sitter today he was totally shocked that the managers would think we
    are that stupid to believe that old tape they showed, are you sure Dan is'nt working for you ?

  9. 9:31PM - I understand too because after hearing Dan drone on all day with the company line. I can see just wanting to get home. You will see when we meet to decide what we will do for the contract there will be huge crowds.

    I get lots of phone calls and emails so I know where the people stand.

    9:39PM -That is a great site! I saved it to my favorites. Its great to compare with the facts isn't it?


  10. Cost of Living Comparison:
    Newburgh, New York - Jacksonville, Florida
    Change cities

    Jacksonville is
    cheaper than Newburgh.

    are the biggest factor in the cost of living difference.

    Utilities are
    cheaper in Jacksonville.
    A salary of $85,000 in Newburgh, New York could decrease to $67,460 in Jacksonville, Florida

    Newburgh U.S. Avg. Jacksonville
    » Compare these cities in over 100 categories

    Cost of Living Indexes Newburgh Jacksonville
    Overall 107 85
    Food 109 102
    Housing 97 57
    Utilities 130 89
    Transportation 107 106
    Health 107 101
    Miscellaneous 112 101
    100=national average


  11. 10:03pm - Dan might have to work for me after we bring 363 in there - he is going to get the end of Brittos Cowboy boots on his ass for bumbling this. Shoulda told the truth Dan. Shoulda been real with the people Dan. And most important, you shouldn't try to HOLD THE PEOPLE DOWN.

    I can have Dan work in the union office making copies of contracts and keeping track of what we spend on toilet tissue and stamps - because he is really worried about the union and how it spends money.

    While he loses his own job for blowing $25,000 a month of Britto and the Banditos

    Welcome to the IBEW guys!

  12. Love that Bud can morphing into an IBEW can.

    Just like us! hahahahahahaha

    This is too good Sam.

  13. Wow! That is a testimonial to the union, to Sam and to IBEW Local 363. Look what the owner of Lightning Express says about having 363 for his own people.

    Makes our bosses look like scmucks. That business owner is happy and so are his workers.

    Thank you Joe from Lightning for letting us know how it is going in real time.

    We will be joining your company soon and becoming part of 363!

  14. Sam,
    Do you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried or who shot JFK? LOL. These are the things I think about during those 1 1/2 hr meetings. Hey Dave, were those real people or paid actors in that video? Maybe they know who shot JFK. I do agree with Dan, we must get all the facts and make an informed choice. So far ABI has not given me any facts that I did not already know. IBEW just said that they would give me a voice that I desperately need and that it would cost me 1% of my base pay. Simple question to all: Where do you see us 5 yrs from now with the IBEW? and where do you see us 5 yrs from now without the IBEW?

  15. hey Tony you really are loking out for us !let's see $25000 to stop us from joining the union . add it up Dan your a numbers guy that'$ 152 per person and you make me pay$160 a month for health care so when we go to the table we should look foward to an extra $152 every month !thanks Tony you reaally are looking out for us !

  16. saynotomanagementshowAugust 5, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    let me start by saying great picture on the blog Sam. what a sweet looking can and that would be easy to make. Hey you never know lol For the owner of the lighting co. thank you for that blog, that shows how true ownership and mgmt know how to deal with people. And Sam you are doing a great job of keeping up the pressure every day. Are you sure Dan and Dave don't work for you? lol lol
    Also i say to everyone out there who might be reading but not writing, throw out a blog its easy, safe and lets everyone know how you feel. This is our time and we will rock the show and on the 29th finally start to get a say in how we will be treated at the plant.
    It was great to see Sam put up all the charitable organizations that 363 deals with on a daily basis, funny Dan you didn't mention this in our meetings. hmmm i wonder why lol
    Gotta run will be back soon and to all you newbees blog away and enjoy yourself this is our site and this is our time GO UNION!!!!!!

  17. on the fence, but leaning to 363 hard!!!August 5, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    I understand that a union can make waves to stop the financial changes that have come upon us this past year and a half since IMBEV took over, I'm also concerned about what can the union do for the BS treatments we have been given lately as well. This break schedule where they close the breakroom, but can call us for a label change or if they need us, the OT games that we get to watch some of the team leaders play with the supervisors, the stupid take one day vacation and save your weekend program they told us we wanted? All theese benificial policies they rolled out that they claim they did for us when clearly they were to benefit from more. Its the fair treatment end of it is what I'm concerned with. I understand the companies point that you can't stop change, or what they are trying to say anyway, its theese BS policies they put more emphasis on that drives me nuts! How can the union help stop that?

  18. What's ridiculous you ask--well, simply the fact that your personal vandetta against the plant manager would be a reliable source of information as to why we should unionize. Here's an idea...give us REASONS WE SHOULD UNIONIZE, not why you hate Dan and why he're absolutely ridiculous and, had you actually been a grown-up and shown WHY WE SHOULD UNIONIZE, I may have voted in favor of our union. Start showing facts versus your personal feelings against one this man vs. man, or company vs. union?

  19. 10:13AM - Goood question and here is the answer. Once you guys choose IBEW Local 363 anything that has to do with your hours, wages or working conditions needs to go through me (and I go through you) Right now, you are living in a world where they just can bait and switch and change anything they want anytime and that is what you are frustrated with.

    When we have our meetings to discuss what we want to address in the contract, make sure you bring these issues up so that I can understand what your concerns are - then we can address them face to face with the company among all of the other things you and your co-workers have a concern about.

    But you better get off of that fence right now - you're gettin some mean splinters for one and if you stay on the fence and others do the same - you will not have 363 here and you WILL take what they throw at you anytime and anyway and you are expected to smile and just accept it nomatter how screwed up it may be.

    Thats what you all have now.

    It's time to hop off that fence.


  20. roxie76 - here is your answer.......

    a contract

  21. Sam keep up the good work keep the people strong
    no matter what it takes.Dan out on the floor all
    day trying to turn people away from union.
    We have come to far why can't you come in the plant to talk to people ?

  22. 5:59PM - I would be happy to come to the plant and attend a meeting or debate Dan. This would be great for people who would love to hear Dan and Sam speak to them at THE SAME TIME.
    .......AND answer questions.

    I'm ALL for it - Dan is afraid to do it. Can ya blame him though?

    What could Dan possibly tell the people all day to help convince them that they don't need a written contract?.....oh, I know!

    The 5 year PLAN! Sell THE COMPANY PLAN Dan and maybe the people will fall for it........

    Problem is that no matter WHAT Dan or Ken or Brito or Tony say today - THEY CAN CHANGE IT TOMORROW BECAUSE THERE IS NO CONTRACT.

    So even if they had a plan it wouldn't be worth the paper it was written on because it is NOT a contract. Even if Brito wrote it in his own blood, it still wouldn't mean a thing.

    But don't worry about hearing of their plan - they can't TELL YOU their plan. THEY WON'T tell YOU the plan - because there is none. Which means they can STILL ALWAYS JUST TAKE everything you have AT ANY TIME and you can't say a thing UNTIL ITS TOO LATE.

    WITH A UNION THEY have to negotiate all changes with you and write them into the contract.

    WITHOUT A UNION - it's none of your BUSINESS


  23. There are a few people worried that a union will protect the lazy and give them reason to be worse, I've tried to tell people that its not what the union is trying to do. People need to understand the union would be there to promote fair treatment and a contract to protect what we have and move on from there. We have nothing without a contract!! Let them know you are there for all of us and not just the lazy!

  24. saynotomanagementshowAugust 5, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Hey Roxie76 this is about the PEOPLE versus Dan and not any one vendetta against anyone. Just look at what we have lost since inbev bought us. Our golf outings our christmas parties our benefits package gets worse every year and the raises have gotten ridiculous. $1000 and after taxes we take home $575 that doesn't even pay for the increases in our benefit package. Also look how they have changed the company 401k site, it is garbage and doesn't show us much and we are paying for that now. A contract can stop all this and thats what it is about. how much more can we lose from year to year. We are all in this together and we hope you are in this with us too. We need yours and everyone's help.
    And the person that wrote about the union protecting the lazy people that happens now as we speak. That has happened for a long time. Sam will be fair but he won't just let them shit on us either. its time people lets keep this ball rolling and stick together that is what this is all about. Being union means all the people have a strong say in what we do. this plant is as unified as it has ever been and that is very impressive and that is what will take us over the top. GO UNION

  25. 7:17PM - That is a common misconception. Did you read Joe the Owner of Lightning Express' post yesterday? Well, Joe TERMINATED three employees Friday that couldn't abide by the rules and after getting their fair warning - they are gone. They knew where they stood every step of the way right up to their termination.

    IBEW Local 363 UNDERSTANDS very well that we represent ALL of the people. That is why we cannot tolerate someone "messing it up for everybody else" so when people cannot function as a dependable worker they will weed themselves out. That in itself protects the good workers in the plant. Protects their ability to ask to be compensated better because our workforce as a group is productive.

    UNDERSTAND that when an employee or employees abuse any system, the employers TYPICAL reaction is usually to change the rule and PUNISH the whole place. (LIke YOU ALLLLLL CAN"T LEAVE FOR LUNCH - EVEN IF YOU PUNCH OUT WITHOUT GETTING AN OCCURRENCE - STUPID)

    Just to demonstrate further IBEW Local 363's committment to excellence, in construction we have a three strikes rule. Screw up three times and we will THROW YOU OUT OF THE UNION. Why?

    You are messing it up" for everyone else by being a bad employee.

    SO let's not believe the old company line that we will protect the lazy bad employee. Thats opposite of the truth. (again)

    Here is what we cannot do in that regard:

    We cannot discipline employees. Management does that. SO, if there is a lazy employee - getting away with it - THAT relects the poor management skills of the person in charge.

    The UNION will ALWAYS evaluate the warning, dsicpline or termination and address any unfair decisions for each and every worker. That is a fact.

    So, we protect all of the workers in the plant.

    If a worker is habitually a problem, the contract covers discipline, warnings, suspensions and terminations and ensures that they will occur in a uniform and progressive manner.

    Every contract IBEW Local 363 has covers this - the difference for you will be you will know it, understand it and have a copy of it you can read.

    Hope that answered the question of the IBEW promoting good work ethics and not protecting anyone who is a habitual violater.

    It's all in the contract - and you will have one OF YOUR OWN real soon.


  26. Good points-(cost of living)

    Danny Boy,

    It is so much more expensive in New York state to live. So when you mention the other can plants wages you should take that into consideration. We do not want alot, just what we deserve. Did your brother lehman try to fight for us when they said nothing will be added to our package? It seems like it is all about you--Danny Boy...

  27. Free at last, Free at lastAugust 5, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    I have spoken to a lot of people ON EVERY SHIFT and I have a prediction of the election results that I think is going to be pretty close to what actually happens, here it is

    137 YES
    27 NO
    164 Total

    The PEOPLE WIN and we are now IBEW Local 363!

    That is the math I come up with. Dan forget it you are all done. You are going to need to learn to work with our NEW IBEW BUSINESS AGENT.

    I have all the confidence in the world that he will work with you.

    If I have a problem at work - I will be calling Sam - my new IBEW AGENT. Sam will watch my back here at MCC Newburgh from now on.

    Gonna feel real good everybody, gonaa feel real good!

    Come on August 27 and 28 you can't get here any quicker for the GREAT MAJORITY OF US!!!!!

    GO 363!

  28. I can't wait for when we win and I see Sam inside the plant talking with Dan about our issues. That will be so cool that WE made that happen.

    I'm in too and I wasn't before.

    Go 363 Go 363 Go

  29. saynotomanagementshowAugust 5, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    By the way corporate is sending in the negotiator ken lol. well ken the negotiator meet Sam the unionator lol lol we will sit back and listen to your garbage. We will vote on the 27th and 28th and then we will get ready and set and you will meet our friend Sam. Nothing else to say boys and girls but as porky pig said ttthhats all ffffolks. Unionize and be happy!!!!! Sam are they ready for you. Soon we will see.

  30. Thank you for answering questions in a timely matter, I've seen a lot of that theese last few days. If the company is reading this wake up and realize all questions are good questions and you don't have time to get back to us! Its not what we want to hear this close to an election. This is exactly whats been wrong with this plant since Dan took over and Dave became his big cheerleader! After theese last 2 weeks of stupid meetings and hearing people ask questions that are never answered, I'm done listening. nothing left but the vote, and thats yes!!

  31. Free at last i did the same thing the # I came up with is close to yours.

    128 Yes
    30 no
    and the rest I don't know they are the new guys.
    Guys and Gals stay strong and solid we are all most there this will be great !!!

  32. I cannot wait to be officially certified by the US Labor Departments NLRB as your representative.

    I will be proud to do the job for all of you.

    Read my Negotiator Ken post - that is exactly whats going to happen.

    Negotiator Ken: You guys better watch out you could lose a ot of stuff.

    WORKERS: Oh, the union will force us to lose stuff?

    Negotiator Ken : Oh no, it is me that will try to make you lose, I just want to point at the union while I do it so you get mad at the wrong person. Remember, I am here to help you.

    This is like watching old cartoons - I know whats gonna happen.

  33. You guys & gals are great we have done such a good job sticking together...soon we will be brothers and sisters lol. Lets all stay strong
    stay quite don't get in trouble we don't want to lose anyone this time. VOTE FOR IBEW 363

  34. Sam we are all ready we will be polite but we know what we want and that is youuuuuuuuuuuu!
    You are a great sales man you sold me a IBEW..

  35. You know Sam we have worked very hard on this
    for 4 months and we did this as a large group
    do they really think we are going to let all of our hard work result in us voting NO ( NOT ).
    You have been great...Show them how hard you will fight for us.We take it personally when Dan bad mouths you.

  36. Thank you so much everybody for your kind words to me in your emails, telephone calls and right here on this site. I promise you IBEW Local 363 will be the BEST CHOICE you EVER made for anything in YOUR LIFE (except choosing your spouse - don't wanna get Momma mad)

    We are going to build something really great here



  37. Waiting for the IBEW - I am glad that you guys realize Dan is full of it when he talks about me and I think it's great that you guys get mad about it.

    After all, I am your guy. I am the one who is going to care about you NO MATTER WHAT. Dan would cut your ear off if Brito wanted to polish his cowboy boot with it - and you can take THAT to the BANK.

    Don't worry about Dan with me. He is either going to get along with me or he'll have a pacemaker in 6 months, one or the other.

    But don't worry, it is all part of it - I can ANSWER and take anything he says - it's like hitting marshmellows.


    Everyone please just work hard and keep quiet. Just do your jobs and do them well. You do not have to defend me or the union or the IBEW.

    Go to your captive meetings and give them the respect of listening - just report back to me every time as you all do.

    I will run this ball right into the end zone - you guys just stay clear - I DON'T NEED ANY BLOCKERS.

    Later you all can say whatever you want - within reason.



  39. Newburgh,
    Windsor here, just letting you know we are watching and supporting you. Good luck!

  40. Windsor - we love when you guys come on and tell us you are watching and support us - thanks! Please come around and jump right in to the discussion if you want.

  41. Windsor if this goes through hope you guys think long and hard that this would be good for you too.We will support you also. Thank You for your support.We have over 50% hanging tough through these stupid union buster meetings.

    Thank You Newburgh !

  42. Jimmy Hoffa from under Giant Stadium.......IBEW is not against anybody. They are just about the workers. I know just as much about Sam as I do Dan. Don't take it personal. The only reason I need Sam is because ABI stopped listening to me 1 1/2 yrs ago when INBEV bought us. Sam is now making them listen. For me its worth 1%. Just like I've heard a million times before.....if you don't like the direction my brothers and sisters are voting then don't let the door hit you in the ass....QUIT! STOP THE BLEEDING.

  43. WE know our numbers and THEY ARE STRONG! We are going to prove that the workers in MCC Newburgh were BOLD and had a GOAL to get together,protect themselves and get a written contract.

    We are STRONG and we are SOLID. The calls and emails show that all of you are ready to ROCK.
    You weighed it out and you know what you want - the IBEW.

    Let's talk for a minute about those against the union at this point. Not fence sitters. Not someone who is still pondering. The ones DEAD against it at this point even with all of the information out there that points to unionizing as the answer. WE are talking about the absolute NO vote no matter what is said or shown to them.

    There will be a few of our coworkers who are going to be against the union. No matter what the union does for them. I can accept that.

    Deep down, some of them feel that excercising their right to form a union is against the company. It isn't - it is for the people - but it is not against the company. That does make sense - it does work. We value our employer and through our CONTRACT the owner will value us and treat us fairly. Sounds like a great situation.

    To be against that is sometimes puzzling to those who see the wider picture.

    It reminds me of when some of the slaves were freed in the South. You actually had people who didn't want to be freed because they thought it would piss the master off. Sad, right?

    They were so beat down that they were afraid to take A STEP forward to accept the opportunity to be free.

    It was up to the other "ex" slaves who did see the wider picture and UNDERSTOOD WHAT WAS HAPPENING to pick up those who were afraid and SHOW THEM THE WAY OUT TO THEIR NEW FUTURE.

    They still took care of each other right until the end. They cared about the other guy.

    Some though, could not be saved and would not accept the help. Instead of taking their freedom, they cowered in the corner waiting to apoligize to the slave owner for even thinking of such a terrible thing.

    They made a their personal decision based on what was good for the owner instead of what was good for themselves when they had that chance.

    Let's help bring those people along after the election. Let's give it a really good effort. After that, if they still cower in the corner, we will move on and look out for them in the contract we develop.

    Some will see the light later than others and we will accept EVERYONE IN OUR UNION - IBEW LOCAL 363 - no matter when that happens.

    We will care about everyone and we will pick you up when you need our hand. We will not leave you behind as we gain our freedom.


  44. Sam, you are beginning to sound hysterical. The union is going down...

  45. 2:52PM - Fortunately Dan you are mistaken. It is the people who are moving up.