Friday, August 6, 2010

Schools In : This Guy Used To Bust Union Drives - Do The Tactics Sound Familiar?

Does any of this sound familiar? Talking one on one with employees? Threats? Captive Meetings? Breaking the law? Lying?

THANKFULLY, the employees are being elightened by IBEW Local 363 prior to those meetings and they sitting there listening to the "advisor" or "persuader" knowing what is coming. - It doesn't get any better than that.

In our case here, Dan and Negotiator Ken, Tony and soon to be whoever else they can HIRE cannot escape the major problem of fooling people who know they are being played. Common sense is a REAL RALLY KILLER for them.

In fact, EVERY CAPTIVE MEETING THEY HOLD just empowers the people and encourages them to stand together and become even stronger in their desire to get that contract.

The question remains - WHO ARE THEY PAYING BEHIND THE SCENES? and how much money does that add to the total amount we can afford to waste? Imagine thousands of dollars to fight YOU GUYS! They can use that money FOR YOU INSTEAD OF TO HURT YOU or hold you back!

That is an IMPORTANT PART in this stage of organizing your union here - to keep you all one step ahead and answer any questions anyone might have. This way when they "advise" you, you already have been educated about the coercive tactics they will use to get you to VOTE AGAINST YOURSELF.

YESSSSS! EXPOSURE! And lots of it! - that is what we will have to initiate in response to ANY company advisors coming on the scene - just like the former union buster said - THEY HATE IT. We have done it in the past and the advisors suddenly QUIT!

That is where we see WHAT THEY ALL MAKE and who paid them for what.

We will be sending requests in to the US Department of Labor asking for information on everyone involved in being a paid anti-union persuader for the company. This should prove to be interesting when we total up the money.

The people should know EXACTLY how many thousands of dollars are being wasted by the company fighting them.

This can only help make our case in bargaining. If we had 100,000 dollars or possibly double that to use here, we must have that same amount available when there are no more meetings to hold. Only makes sense , doesn't it?

Maybe the people can get some of that money we didn't mind spending for NOTHING.

Thought you all might like to see how the union busters who do it for a living - either upfront or behind the scenes - do their nasty disgusting work against the people.


There is no stopping that one important fact - the people have all of the power.

Solidarity wins this election!



  1. We're on to them Sam. We r going to be a union plant in 23 days!

  2. Sam,We can see right through Dan he never came on the floor or even in the break room to talk to us now you can't even avoid him if we tri the main thing is that his talks do nothing.
    The team members have him fooled and he don't
    even know it.

  3. 22 days to 363!

  4. SADISTIC CANMAKERAugust 7, 2010 at 7:06 AM

    Hey Ken so far im impressed no firings yet.Im glad your listening!So far you do have my are running your campaign and the people are running theirs.Lets keep it that way.And when this is all said and done. Like i said you will have gained respect from people yes and no,including my sadistic respect.

    P.S. remember people.
    Your sweat + Your Blood + Your time alive =
    0 after your gone! Make it count While your here so love yourself,family,and country and
    vote the 27th and 28th and make it count while
    your here!

    leave a legacy for the future buy Made in the

  5. Come on people let me hear that War Cry!!!

  6. MCC and 363 is the way to be!!

  7. Everyday is a day closer to having a right to sit across from the company and tell them what we want and why we want it. Don't worry Sam, we are so solid! WE know we have all the power, not them. They can't vote. They can only "persuade"

    It aint workin Dan and all of the rest of you.

    We're soon to be 363!

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. There is a scientific study of monkeys that demonstrates increased confidence and empowerment is the result of having the courage to investigate what it is that you fear. Once you realize what you percieved as something to be afraid of - isn't what you thought - you have no fear anymore.

    So they had these monkeys in a pen and they put a stuffed lion in the yard with them. Right away, the monkeys were going crazy running and keeping away from the stuffed lion. They all ran up the trees and wouldn't come down for two days. By the third day, one monkey came down the tree and grabbed a stone.

    He cautiously moves forward and throws the stone and before it leaves his hand he is running back up the tree. Others did the same and the lion never moved. The monkeys all retreat to the tree and stay up there screaming, still afraid to move around the pen.

    The next day, a few monkeys come down the tree and grab some more stones and start to throw them at the lion.

    They hit the lion and the lion doesn't move again but it gets knoocked over. The monkees all run back up the tree still afraid and screaming.

    By the fifth day, they start realizing the lion hasn't moved at all yet and most of them come down the tree, still KIND OF scared. They approach the lion and kick at it and run away. Nothing. They come back toward it and kick it and run but not up the tree.

    Now the monkeys are losing their fear.

    They all come down running with no stones, suround the lion and begin to rip at it and throw it around the yard.

    That is a true story.

    Sometimes the perception or fear of something causes us not to realize that we actually have the upper hand and that we have had the upper hand the whole time.

    Moral of the story: Don't be afraid of a stuffed lion or even a stuffed shirt. Have the courage to face what you feel or what you are being told to feel are your fears and investigate them to see if they really exist.

    No matter what ANYONE says A WRITTEN CONTRACT is the best situation for an employee.

    Dan, Tony, Ken, Warren, Dave ARE ALL JUST setting up the FAKE LION for YOU.


  10. ok everyone who is ready to vote yes to 363 say I


  12. Those people should be tar and feathered.

  13. Agreed making your money lying to people is ***up! Tar and feathers are too light a punishment.

  14. - A Few Words about Sam, the IBEW and Local 363 -

    I work for a company just up the road from you guys (LSI Lighting Solutions Plus) I'm the Shop Steward representing the 100 workers that comprise Unit 35 that are employed by LSI.

    The IBEW is a great organization and Local 363 is one of the top locals (in my opinion the Top Local) in the entire IBEW and I really hope you decide to join us. If you do join us you'll have 100 Union Brothers and Sisters just up the street to support you.

    Workers need protection from employers and their managers (like this Dan character I've been hearing about) who want to take unfair advantage of their employees. You need a strong Union with strong dedicated leadership to represent you.

    That Union and that leadership is with out a doubt the IBEW and Local 363 and Sam.
    I've been a proud member of the IBEW for 38 years, so I have known Sam for his entire career as a labor leader (since 1987) with the IBEW.

    You will not find a stronger more dedicated or harder working labor leader anywhere than Sam.
    He has spent the past 23 years fighting for the rights and protection of the hard working men and women of the Hudson Valley. He will make sure that things are always fair and balanced and will back you all the way should problems arise, he will make sure you are treated with the dignity and respect you deserve, he will always be there for you as he has been for us.

    So I would highly encourage you to join us, on August 27th/28th Vote for your rights and protection -

    Vote "YES" to join the IBEW and Local Union 363!

  15. Conan the LibrarianAugust 7, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    The Company isn't what it was and neither are we. I was told many years ago that I would never have to worry about anything ,now here I am voting for a union to help me along after already losing lots. Some deal this turned out to be. Thanks A-B, Tony, and Dan VOTE YES !!!!! IBEW 363

  16. Thank You for letting us know about Sam we have known him for a short time and we like him it will be great dealing with him.