Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now - I Know You Can Too!

Yes - and the PEOPLE CAN SEE CLEARLY now too - thanks to the IBEW!

Now that everything bad has been said by the company about the union and every issue they raised has been shown to be UNTRUE and more often - irrelevant - it is time for the peoples decision to be made.

This Friday and Saturday the GREAT MAJORITY OF MCC NEWBURGH will speak with one voice for the FIRST TIME! The people will choose to have the IBEW Local 363 represent them in collective bargaining with the new company ABINBEV.

We are just as excited as you are to help YOU put some structure in your workplace that is fair to both you and the company. WE ARE NOT ANTI-COMPANY AND THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE ANTI-UNION. This isn't about the union or the company - this is about YOU.

I believe that I have answered every question I have been asked truthfully and without delay. I answered every call from every person - even those who said they were against the union. Some of them even changed their mind.

You still have Tony making his rounds trying to convince you to be against yourselves AND YOUR COWORKERS.

How sad to have to promote that, Tony.

I am so glad that my job is to promote the concept of you working together and standing together to make things better for all. I like that so much. My kids know their father helps working people. That makes me proud.

I couldn't go home and look my kids in the face if my job was to trick people into being weakened and defenseless. Telling them that I am looking out for them like a father figure and at the same time knowingly keeping them from self advancement.

You're not feeding birds worms Tony. These are people, real people with families THAT THEY NEED TO PROTECT! People with brains and a lot of intelligence who have decided that they WANT A VOICE AT WORK.

IBEW Local 363 is providing those people that voice.

Don't be afraid of that Tony. It's just us -the people you talked to all day today - the ones you told how much you cared.

You're boxed in now do you go hardass three days from now? Remember Tony - even your smooth charm cannot replace a written contract.

The good news is that THE PEOPLE CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!


27/28 363


  1. The dog does NOT like pre-chewed worms....the truth tastes much better...Tony, why do you fight the opportunity to have a motivated work force for the first time in a long time?

    it will be a GOOD day when we walk through those doors, swipe in, and give it hell for 12.25 without even worrying when breaks are..can you smell the passion returning?

    Lawd, lawd, think how many useless managers you could cut loose, and how much money you could save, if YOU would just stop treating US like CHILDREN!!!

    you are about to listen up, Ranjive!

  2. Morning guys- just two more shopping days until Christmas. Lets hit it heavy now and get the IBEW on your side. I'm into it - Here I am 4.5 hours after I wrote this post and I am back on.

    Stay tight and let Tony say whatever he wants to say - the most important thing - he will never say or mention in all his speeches and all his little one on one pressure visits - that thing is........a contract. That is not a subject ti them but the fact is that is the MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT.


    27/28 363

  3. Something does not line up.

    One question that the company has not answered is eating away at me.

    What is the true reason the company does not want us to unionize?

    It just doesn't make sense for the company to say that being unionized will make it harder for the company. Tony, Dan and Ken never said exactly what it is that makes it harder. Even though they were asked many times.

    The company says union plants get paid less. OK, so that would make unionizing in favor of the company.

    The company says that they still hold all the cards, make all the business decisions. So, again that would make unionizing in favor of the company.

    The company says they play ball harder with the union plants than the non union plants. Again another good reason for the company to want the union.

    The company says that there are clauses in every contract that give the company rights to make changes. Ok, that would be good for the company.

    The company says that Union 363 is weak. Another good thing for the company.

    Everything the company says is bad about having a union, is actually good for the company.

    The company says the union will slow things down. I don't know idea what these things are. But, if Tony is talking about day to day management at both the corporate and plant levels - how much slower can they possibly get?

    Tony says we don't need a third person. Not having the answer to this question means we do.

    If anyone knows the true reason the company does not want us to unionize please post it.

    The company's unwillingness to answer this question makes me not trust them with my future. I'm voting yes.

  4. 8:21AM - Great post, great points made with amazing insight! I will answer that question for you:

    They really do not want this because they will lose the ABility to change, take away or reduce anything you have at any time and at any minute they choose. They DO NOT want to have to discuss what they do to you WITH YOU. That is too much of a pain - it gets in the way of them slashing you whenever they want.

    Like your increased health care coverage and your 401k for instance - IF you had a CONTRACT they would have had to NEGOTIATE THAT WITH US.

    Good news is....that's ALL CHANGING THIS WEEK.

  5. Outstanding post! We are now seeing the trees instead of the forest. Having the IBEW will expose how really weak and lame the management staff and as well as some of the wanna be team leaders (frontend) are. Wow, they are going to have to manage the people, what a concept. Tony and Dan say the union will destroy the relationship between the hourly and salary. I say that Warren did that with his victory dance. These last few months really made me a strong YES. Please join me in making this a BETTER WORLD. Stop the bleeding, vote yes on friday. I am.

  6. How can the frontend team leader go smoke whenever he wants? Is it true that the superintendent knows this? Why is he all ways out there with Warren? Why does he not follow the break policy? Why does he force people in for OT and then talk badly about that person infornt of everybody? Tony, are you aware of these issues? The path is clear,we need term limits......VOTE YES!

  7. Interesting parallels ....

    Got a letter from Tony today loosely saying that MCC Management messed up, but without any indication of what they were going to do to make things better.

    Had our Dan speech too. A disingenuous "I'm in charge, it's my fault." No apology, no plan for undoing the damage caused. Yet another, "The checks in the mail", "Sure, I'll respect you in the morning" speech. I've always been taught, to right the wrong, take resposibility, then apologize. I guess I'm old school.

    All sizzle, no steak.

    On the other hand ....

    Got a letter from Sam today with a comprehensive action plan for the future. Will it all happen, I don't know.

    You have to start with a target.

    Even got some IBEW stickers!

    More than I've gotten from AB in a long time.

    Sam, we need bigger stickers!

    These are polite, respectful, not too ostentatious.

    Some of us are looking for bold!

    I hope you have bigger stickers available.

    Thanks Sam!

    For everything.

    I'm hoping for a good future with ABINBEV and the IBEW.



  8. In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as 'right-to-work.' It provides no 'rights' and no 'works.' Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining... We demand this fraud be stopped.

    Vote Yes!

  9. Bosses beware — when we're screwed, we multiply.
    Vote yes and stop the pain.

  10. If we have the IBEW, then a victory for one is a victory for all.
    Stop unfair treatment and favortism from management. We need a contract. Vote IBEW.

  11. Martin Luther KingAugust 25, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    "History is a great teacher. Now everyone knows that the labor movement did not diminish the strength of the nation but enlarged it. By raising the living standards of millions, labor miraculously created a market for industry and lifted the whole nation to undreamed levels of production. Those who attack labor forget these simple truths, but history remembers them."

  12. A frontend teamleader was leaving the frontend late one evening when he found Warren, Dave, Dan and Tony standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in there hand.

    "Listen," "this is a very sensitive and important document here, and my wanna be has gone for the night. Can you make this thing work?"

    "Certainly," the frontend teamleader said. He turned the machine on, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.

    "Excellent, excellent!" as the paper disappeared inside the machine. "We just need one copy."

  13. How can you tell when Tony is lying?
    You can hear him speaking.


    Protect yourself. Vote yes to the IBEW

  14. Well we got another letter from Tony they just won't give up. We had our one on one with Tony today we told him what he wanted to hear.
    I'm still votin yes....We also got your letter
    today very good thank you for that information.
    Sam can you play the song on the blog(HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT FIRE AWAY) Soon we will be IBEW. thank you for the stickers.

  15. I just got my letter from tony bahalla today. what a joke. how much money have they spent & wasted over the last 26 days on there anti union B.S. give us a break dan and lets get this vote done asap. well tony it looks like this is a done deal better luck next time tony with other can plants.and for dan and dave every time you talk are feelings get stronger for 363 just give it up dan in 2 days it will be done. thanks local ibew 363 we will all be as 1 team soon.

  16. Stay strong and we will be a great union
    Together in numbers we will rule
    Listen to what you believe
    Don't be forced to believe anything you don't want to believe
    You can see what is truly happening around here
    Remember the past
    Remember how management treated you
    Remember how they treated you when you didn’t eat their Steak and Chicken Celebration
    Remember how they retaliated against us after that
    Remember all the issues we have been thru with them
    Now is the time to be a FORCE with a VOICE
    Let’s show them how we can join together, like they have joined together to fight this drive
    Let’s all be great together with the VOICE of a BIG FORCE of the IBEW #363
    Let’s choose our own path
    The path of IBEW #363
    The Family of the IBEW #363 will be GREAT
    Thank You for Your Support

  17. Sam
    I just want to personally, thank you for all your hard work and time that you have put in for this drive
    I believe in my heart that you are very concerned about the things going on in our facility
    I also believe that you will be there when we need you
    I also believe in you
    You are sincere
    Thanks for your support
    We at MCC Newburgh appreciate everything you do for us
    Together we will make a good team
    Thanks Again

  18. Sam who will be at the plant from the union on friday? and what team member will have the balls to come there and stand with you that person will be a target if he does that.I don't plan on looseing but it could happen.

  19. Theres just one simple fact everyone needs to know before they vote. What did management do before the cards were signed? How did management act before the cards were signed? What did management admit to doing wrong before the cards were signed? It took the idea of a union coming in the door before changes happened, sudenly they say that things may have been done wrong, that too much may have been taken away cause they did not know what Brito wanted. That we have relationships to mend now. All because a union stepped in the door. So if so much can change with one foot, just think what may happen if that other foot gets in, if an arm gets in, if the other arm gets in, if the head gets in, and they shake it all about! lets do the hokie poke Sam and turn this place around, and thats what its all about!

  20. VH1: Behind The MusicAugust 25, 2010 at 8:26 PM

    All because of a "Victory Dance"! Cue up a little Zappa, please. "Cause he's a dancin' fooooool!" Thanks, you helped create the revolution. Another anger point. Will you throw yourself under the bus? or did one of the other managers give you a "victory hot foot" and you couldn't help yourself? Then you retreated and hid under your desk, while Dan and Dave tried to put out the fire you started by playing with matches, making many miscues, fumbles and errors along the way, keep on dancin'! When the witch hunt starts Tony will be looking for a scapegoat. "Dance Fever" time can you moonwalk around this pile?
    Got the Tony letter today, classic "we go way back retro please don't do what I think is bad for you." Nothing like rebellious kids eh, big guy?
    Cue up "The Long and Winding Road" because here we are. On the brink of something big, we have shook up MCC management. Cue up some AC/DC (You) Shook Me All Night. Not to mention the total attention of everyone. Even other MCC plants, competitor plants. Can't blow this now! Reach out and take it. Vote yes!

  21. Stay strong VOTE YES

  22. It's almost here and I am still a yes
    they have not said anything to change my mind
    2 more days hopefully it will be a landslide

  23. Did you get your Tonygram? I did. Did you get your suitable for framing and prominantley placed on your tool box IBEW stickers? Me too! Well, which one are you going to choose? Let's recap. The company didn't promise you anything, other than more of the same old. The 363 promised you a chance to have a say in determining your future. Bring your personal agenda. What do YOU want? Being told what you are going to "get" (received or taken away), or a voice in what's good for all of us, company and workers. Be vocal! Are you going to place your faith in those who have failed you? or are you going to take it in your own hands and fight for what you need? Think about it. Failed system?or new ideas. Unfair discipline practices? Or a real set in stone set of rules. Moses got ten of them set in stone. MCC's are set in Jello, form fitting for any occasion or individual. And MCC's don't have the little marshmellows in them, or any fruit, which is good for you. The time has come to stop being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. Communication is their big thing. With who, Aliens in UFO's? Elvis? It surely isn't us. We don't get the straight skinny even when we ask.
    The decision should be easy. Union, yes!

  24. 7:40PM - I started this campaign along after the people saw us for the first time and I made sure that I ran it so NO employee could be hurt. I am going to finish this like that too. I will not put any worker in jepardy I would rather lose
    (no chance of that)

    We are going to do this the smart way - your guys job - VOTE YES - my job - protect you till the last vote is counted.



    27/28 363

  25. I Call Them As I see ThemAugust 25, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    I hear through the jungle telegraph that mangement has chosen their "observers" to the union vote. From what I hear, all are avowed anti unionists. Were any other people approached to be an observer? Anybody? I never heard of there being an opportunity to be a shill for management. When they vote who verifies that they are who they say they are? Each other? management? Cute! With the exception of one name I heard (I only heard of 3) the other two always seem to get the "special assignment" day shift jobs. Hmmmmm. Connection? Loyal dedicated employees, no doubt. Favoritism, smacks of it. Trustworthy, to who? Unlike the rest of us unruly rebellious children. The third person doesnt't get the fact that he of all people probably is the person most in need of union backing in the plant.
    So what?
    We are there to vote a union in. They aren't there to witness your "X" in the yes box. Don't be intimidated. As far as I am concerned the "random" choice of these election observers is a kind of intimidation because most everyone knows of their relationship to management.
    Vote yes, with out fear. for yourself and your future.

  26. We at Windsor are watching and within our plant we are organizing ourselves oh yea quietly shhhhh guys. Good luck Newburgh

  27. From what we are reading and hearing here in Jacksonville, you guys have done a remarkable job showing management that you mean business and things will be different when they come to work Monday morning.Be sure and take the high road, hold your heads high after you win and let them know that you can be professional, honest and your word is your bond.The gloom and doom they have been preaching will not happen, they will still have to do their job, just with new rules.Good luck Sat and Sun, and when the sun comes up Monday, you will be union strong.

  28. In response to "I call them as I see them".

    Sam did not want to put anyone in the position of being identified as a union supporter. So, he decided to just use the NLRB observer and whom ever the company offered.

    All the observers do is verify that the person who is voting is actually the person they say they are and that their names match the list of qualified voters.

    They will not be watching you vote. Only verifying that you are who you say you are.

    I can only hope that the people chosen have enough integrity to let this be an honest election.

  29. I wish all my soon to be brothers and sisters the best of luck Friday and Saturday in your election. Please remember when you cast your vote AMERICA WORKS BEST WHEN YOU SAY UNION YES. SAM and the IBEW won't let u down. A grievance to one is a grievance to all and me and my IBEW brothers and sisters stand in support of your efforts to make American stronger one contract at a time.