Monday, August 2, 2010

Open Comments To Tony Bhalla Time - We Won't Be Fooled Again

Please use this post as a place for everyone to speak directly to Tony Bhalla. All of you need to let your friend Tony know how you feel and why you want IBEW Local 363 and why YOU WANT HIM TO SUPPORT YOUR DECISION.

I will comment on Tonys letter to you about the union and how he wants you to vote NO. Tony you should be ashamed. You know that the people are in a better position bargaining as a group. You are being selfish about this. Deep down you know what a powerful and FAIR partnership a contract brings with it.

Someone explain to Tony that there is no "third" party and that the union is all of you. If anything the attorneys they bring in or their consultants are the third and fourth parties here.

The union is the people and we are the union.

Tony says he is "very concerned" that the union will be driving a wedge between you and Dan. AFTER IBEW LOCAL 363 IS VOTED IN we will build a strong bridge between ourselves - the workers - and Dan. A two - way bridge Tony.

Tony you have union plants in other parts of the country - why do you fight your friends in Newburgh who just want a say at the table and what they have written down?

Tony call Se'Lux or Zumtobel two world wide companies who employ over 100 IBEW Local 363 employees EACH and ask them what the relationship is with the union. It is great Tony.

Call LSI Industries, another plant that has over 100 IBEW Local 363 employees working for it and ask what the relationship is with the union. It is great Tony. LSI is on the same property as you - the AIRPORT PROPERTY.

Tony we can't depend on you or even Dan to take care of us. What if you get a golden parachute or you leave? What will happen to us in the future? WE NEED A CONTRACT NOW TONY.

You stated that the company is strong, our plant is strong and our future is promising in terms of job security. We work hard for this company and we are proud and happy that it the case. Why does any of that have to change because we pick IBEW Local 363 to represent us? WE don't see where it should Tony.

Why does it have to be so different Tony? We just want a voice, some say and a written contract. We are not planning on asking for the impossible Tony. You know us better than that. Why do you fight us and accept the other UNION plants in the ABINBEV "family"??

Work with us Tony - you too Dan - when it is all over we need to all meet and talk. Our negotiating committee (made up of us -the workers and our union) will all meet and all get on the SAME PAGE.


We have the best intentions to work together for everyones benefit in the end - do you Tony?

Your actions from here forward will answer those questions Tony.

We won't be fooled again.

You guys have the floor........


  1. Tony here is my advice. I am a long time admirer, it is all over but the crying, I never htought I would want the union in here but it is the best decision for us. There is no stopping it, i havent met more than a dozen people who are aginst it. You better call Sam and start building that relationship. The best thing we could do is not have the election and agree to work togther for all of our benefitslike Sam said.Call him.

  2. Tony please let us do what we think is right for us we need and what this union I wish things could have been different I was a anti union
    person but no more the writing is on the wall.

    I have the greatest amount of respect for you but
    this is the only choice for us. We for the first time are sticking together on this....nothing will change our minds we are strong and solid.
    Sam is good for us!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tony read your letter sorry I can't take a change this time.The future looks grim here without a contract.

  4. Tony please don't continue this. It s stupid. The hour and a half meetings are stupid. I know that deep down you know we are dangling here like a low hanging fruit. We need to have someone whose job it is to look out for us. That doesn't mean we are against the company it just means we need to be for us. This is not AB and you know that. WE know that there are changes coming and that is why we want sam in there with us looking out for our asses. It is just ridiculous for Dan and now you to not see our point. We are getting a union in here and we want tyou to accept us like you and Britto accept the other union plants

  5. Tony Balla,

    As you know--since the buyout our package has been dwindling. For a plant that is Leading in many of our bonus catagories, i do not think that is fair. They want to pay in the 50th percentile--but we always give 100%. So you tell me Tony--whats next? That is what we are worried about. What would you do? Sit here and wait to see what they will take away next? Or would you fight back? I think i know your answer...

  6. Dave Le-Ham,

    Since you are the "peoples Manager" Can you tell us a few good things you have done for us lately? You sure did a good job on that new 401k page. Did you do any research on it before you gave it approval? Or was it just the fact it was cheaper than our old one? You get what you pay for......Good thing your chair was not that cheap..

  7. Tony Dave is killing you with his droning hour long BS speeches. It is the best tool IBEW has.
    Dave says absolutely nothing that has to do with what is important to us.

    Voting in union Tony whether you like it or not.

  8. the little can that couldAugust 3, 2010 at 1:14 AM

    Just like the company puts together a 3 year plan behind closed doors that we have to find out about because someone came across it on the network, a union will put together a 3 year plan that we will know about and have input on before it is approved and signed, no need to explain and justify with egg all over your face that you got caught red-handed while claiming to be open and upfront. How would you like your fate to be determined by someone behind a closed door Tony, with no input from you or your needs?
    Tony, we trusted you last time and you let us down by giving us Dan, he's no leader, he cares not about his workforce and how they feel. A leader does all of that even when they are limited in what they can actually do to change things. In his position he needs to understand the pulse of the workforce and be connected. He is not, for this alone he does not deserve to be at the helm. Same for Dave the leader of people who has matched Jorge in popularity, not easy to do for anyone even if they try. This is your management team and you support them still. This takes away from your credibility because they are not what you were and do not represent your leadership principles even if they fool you into believing they do.
    We are your true friends that have been upholding your legacy and unless you see that you will be disconnected as well. Come, see, talk and decide if I'm right. Your letter did not do anything for me, it is not your style and those are not your words of passion. Who in the legal department wrote it?
    The more you bring up the changes with InBev the more you tune out all of us. That's not what tipped the scale, it is how we are treated, mistreated, fooled, lied to, while being told that we need not worry since the ship is being steered well. Everywhere you turn there are secrets, locked doors and things that we can't talk about while we are so very open, like Dave said, sometimes too open. Yeah! See to how many you can sell that.
    You have removed us from the dialogue and we want back. That's all there is. Not just InBev. Look at the total package of changes you laid on us and you may want to sign a card as well.

  9. Tony we want this union. Everything you said in your letter made me want it more. Yeah, we are doing good I agree, but wheres mine? Yea we have agreat work envorionment but there are a few things that need to change and I want them changed and down on paper. I dont want to work with no rights anymore. This is not the old AB and YOU know that. I think that it is unacceptable that we have union plants all over and now that we want one, the people where YOU came from, YOU are jumping on the bandwagon trying to hold us back.

    Lets face it, you are no angel either. YOUR name is all over that labor board case from back in 1994 and what you did and said during that was dispicable. For what? So we didn't have a voice. Well the difference is this time we aren't fooling. We are bringing in IBEW Local 363 for our own good and your good.To keep this plant fair.

    Tony, your letter is really just a vieled threat. Are you going to treat us worse after we are union? We just want what is fair. Will you fire us for that Tony? Will Dan?

    Does that mean you are really not all of our buddy? We are so connected that we will protect each other we will be our own buddies. Would love to have you work with us but you are against what the majority of us want. You want us to vote no. After, you will just walk away. Maybe to Brittos office for a nice bonus for stopping us from gaining a little right to be at least heard.

    We are not dogs and we are not kids and most of all we are NOT stupid! Dan and Dave INSULT our intelligence everyday. I am sick of it.

    We all know this is a good company. Stop trying explain that to us. That is not the issue. We need the protection of a contract.

    Tony I hope we can work together after this is all over. We have already decided that is what we will do as a group. WE want to make it better and we will.

    You said there WILL be changes and that they are inevitable.

    That is exactly why we need Local 363 in here. We ant to be there talking about the changes from now on.

  10. Tony you are an icon to mcc newburgh your fair you held everyone accountable and you treated employees with respect so I ask you please, let us become one, let us once again gain our respect, let us have a say once again in our future, let us have representation once again, we all work hard and want to make this company profitable but we dont see that trickle down effect. We need a plunger tony there is a piece of shit that is clogging the pipe line. Let it pass tony let us become one. You see tony as you read the Wall street journal and the Ny times how the middle class is dwindling how the rich keep getting richer and the middle class loses. Do you want this country to continue on this course when soon no one will beable to buy that 6 pack of beer except for the wealthy do you really want that tony? Help change this country around tony. Your our voice you have that and always had that for us but I'm sorry to say that Burrito has you scared too death your voice has no meaning for this greedy company. Stand up for yourself and others dont back down. Most of us really respect you as a person and a leader so please let us do this. Please we need representation on our level. Union support is very strong!

  11. "BUD" WISERAugust 3, 2010 at 8:29 AM


    I have always had the utmost respect for you. Since my hired date you are the best plant manager MCC Newburgh has ever had. You did not favor hourly workers or salary workers. If someone on the floor was not giving his/her full potential you would address that person. If a manager came to your morning meeting with an "I don't know", you would come down on him/her till they reported back to you with the answer (even though you already had that answer). You made sure there was no wall in MCC and everyone was treated equally. When we achieved our goals you fought for us tooth and nail and got what you wanted for your Newburgh team.
    But those were the AB days. Inbev has made it loud and clear that they don't care about their workers or their futures. Their only concern is how much their bonus payout will be. They have shown us that they will cut us to the bone, if need be, to make sure their financial futures are well taken care of. Our present managers are much the same. There is no longer a fight for us. Their motto is "just take the scraps left on the table and bring it to the cafeteria for them" with no argument. Our management team has made it clear there is a wall that divides hourlys from salaries. Management is no longer questioned. If someone made a mistake....."which hourly can we pin it on" is their policy.
    I want everyone to know that I am not bashing management. There is a few, who have EARNED their respect. But unfortunately they're not the ultimate decisions makers at Newburgh.
    The only one that is willing to fight for us now is Sam and the IBEW Local 363. There is no other option now, Tony, but a YES! vote. Yes to a written contract. Yes to fair treatment to all. Yes to securing ourselves and our families futures.

  12. Tony you and the company are taking this issue down the wrong path. We are not militant. We just want a union now. We are still the same people here. The issue is that the company is not the same company and we can tell that. You say there are changes coming, more changes.

    We know that they are coming. Look at what and how we lost our breaks and how they decided to have us pay for our 401k. That is what needs to be fixed. We had absolutely no say in any of it.

    The best part is that before Dan and company knew the union was around they were smug, pompous, uncaring and had a take it or leave it attitude. I think the words were, "You are lucky you have jobs." Nice. real caring for me and my family. Thanks new company Thanks management

    We knew where we were going to stand, no place.

    Did you know that Warren did a "victory dance" in our face to celebrate that they took our break system away and that there was nothing we could do about it?

    Do you know what it feels like to work some place and get the shaft and feel like there is nothing you can do about it? It sucks! Really sucks! And we don't want that ANYMORE.

    We are bringing in IBEW Local 363 and we will still be the same hard workers.

    We just want to be able to do something about things if we feel we should.

    bottom line - we got shit on when they thought we had no back up. Now Dan and Dave are trying to kiss our ass.

    Too late. Come in and fix this. Call our rep Sam and lets fix it.

  13. BUD "WISER"August 3, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    Hey anyone....I need some swaps!
    I need the last day of my 3 days on,
    for the month of August. In return,
    I will work your last day on for August!!!

  14. I think it is much safer to be member of an AMERICAN UNION than to place my trust in the word of a foreign entity!

  15. For example Tony, in one of our boring sucky useless roundtable meetings Dan told us that the Company could have recognized us and if we had a majority they could have recognized the union. But Dan said the COMPANY has THE RIGHT to an election. ITS OUR ELECTION NOW DAN. Tony, Dan could give two craps about what the people really want here. He's a fake and a phoney.

    That is wrong Tony. that was not smart business. What he meant was that the company and Dan are against us now. Believe this, the people who are in the majority are GROWING EVERY DAY.

    Another thing he said was with the union we won't be able to have flexability to "help out the individual". Oh you mean like when one of our team memebrs had a wife to take to the airport due to A DEATH IN HIS FAMILY and he was denied to leave?

    That is the kind of flexability we have - none.

    No compassion either, just fake compassion now that the union is coming in. It is sickening how stupid you guys really think we are.

    Was there flexablity and individuality when a few abused leaving the property at lunch time and now nobody can leave the property even if you puched out - you still get an occurance?

    Dan needs to stop before he loses what little credibility he had if he ever had any at all.

    What about you Tony? What about your credibility with your old friends over here? Will you turn your back on us too?

    Et tu Tony? Et Tu?

    Willing to risk it all? Don't do it Tony, this place will be damaged if you continue this dog and pony show against us all here in Newburgh.

    We are voting in the IBEW Local 363 and we are going to clean up the mess that August left us will and we will do it ourselves.

    Funny how the vote is in August too isn't it?

  16. come on people,you do NOT need tony to accept or support your wanting to vote YES,remember he is not your friend,he is just another suit that got a promotion because he and the anti-union busters were able to keep US from organizing back in 94 when we were still AB,that is not the case now,stop beggin him for help,show respect for yourselfs,tony,dan are from the same mold,they do not want US to organize,THEY are NOT your friends,remeber that,don't go weak now,stay solid,vote YES,and forget about ANY comments to tony or dan,that just gives them info to us against our cause

  17. Well aint that the truth. Heres what I want to tell Tony Baloney cuz he is full of baloney and a lot of other things. We dont need your permission for this. This is our right as Americans.
    Your name isnt even Tony for God sakes.

    goin union here in newburgh

  18. We won't get fooled again Tony

  19. The wedge was driven when Inbev bought AB then began to systematically pillage the company. Wage benefits were always started fresh January 1, now it occurs May 1, (except no benefit to the benefits this year), to fit Inbev's European fiscal year. But you start hitting me for the extra health cost in January, thanks. Although there is an "open door policy" a trip to those open doors is not very inviting. Management lapses in judgement have resulted in TMs getting disciplined after they informed management of a negative situation, "shooting the messenger". One of the few times they shot something other than their own feet. Yes, the plant is running pretty good right now. It should be about time for management, with their impeccable flair for timing, to spew forth some new policy and put the kibosh on this good run, just like when they unveiled the break policy. Did you ever think that maybe this good run is because employees are looking forward to a new chapter with MCC and the hopes that a union will arrest or at least slow the decline in wage and benefits? How would our frugal to all but themselves leaders in Belgium feel knowing the money and manhours wasted fighting this "insurrection"? Have they forgotten their history? Their very existance is owed to the brewer guilds (unions) of the middle ages. Who formed the guilds to insure the purity of their collective products and to cover their collective butts. Just like we are doing now! Let's co-exist and work toward a common goal, no more BS infomercial meetings. Save your breath and money. I'd rather be doing my job, where you at least know your can see the results of where your money's going.

  20. Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss!

  21. good question....I will get back to youAugust 3, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    I'm sorry Tony but we can not drive a wedge between us and Dan that wasnt already there when Dan came here. The man likes listening to himself speak and thats about it. An open door policy with a closed mind!! A people manager who acts more like Dan's pet, I'm just waiting for him to yell amen after everytime Dan speaks. The company had a plan and now its time the peopls had a plan too. Put yourself in my shoes and tell me you would vote no.

  22. Listen, Tony is responsible for everything that happens at MCC. Management doesn't want a union in your plant, Britto doesn't want a union in YOUR plant.Tony is responsible to stop that.Its not a matter of friendship or that he was once manager there.This is about his job,once the union is in, then he will deal with it just like he dealt with a union in the Jax and Columbus plant.They will adjust their business plan to deal with it.You are not changing his world one little iota.He will still get up and go about his business as he normally does, not giving Newburgh can plant one thought other than its another canplant within his job.Do not beat yourself up over making anyone mad or upset, there where you are or in S.L. This is about you guys there and your future, your wives and kids future.Vote the union in, ride this thing out and celebrate at the end of August and began a new chapter there in your plant.Good Luck,from Jax Can Plant

  23. The people in this plant are awesome and you will be SOME OF THE BEST UNION MEMBERS IBEW LOCAL 363 HAS EVER HAD!

    You know what you want and you are going to work together to get it.

    NO lapdogs in this plant.

    ......and Dan, don't get sensitive on me, I heard you were talking about me

    You're right on the front line Bro - holdin Tonys canteen aren't ya?

  24. tony this, tony that ,please he is not a savior,just another suit tied in with inbev,remember,after WE vote to be organized with the IBEW, WE will still be making cans here,but with a good contract,that management will need to accept,and not twist ,as they do now.

  25. So, Dan says the Union spends zero dollars and does nothing for it's members.

    What about all these benefits, Dan?

    I am a hard working Team Member saying Vote Yes.

  26. tony told us that not getting a raise is good for the company. what the hell does that mean? to me it means screw you thats how it is like it or not' well MR. blah blah let me tell you that in this economy not getting a raise is a big blow. but what the hell do you care you have plenty of money. your just another over paid upper level manager. stop wasting paper with your bullshit letters to us. maybe marie should give you a stern talking to about wasting paper. this thing is gonna happen and you can't do a thing about it. IBEW-- rock and roll baby!!!!

  27. Well, if Dan said that, it's another lie. We are already spending time and money helping the people and that actually helps OUR CURRENT MEMBERS. What Dan doesn't realize is that we are not a country club or a business - we are an organization, a brotherhood, a union whose main mission it is to protect the working people.

    Being a company suit, he just can't get off the company schtick for a minute and realize we are providing a valuable service to workers who otherwise have no one to defend them or look out for their interests. WE HELP WORKING PEOPLE.

    That is what makes us different.

    The truth is that NOW with this new company Dan and Tony HAVE ENOUGH trouble protecting themselves and worrying about Britto and their investors.

    If it wasn't for the IBEW, they wouldn't have given you this much attention as they climbed the cut throat ladder.

    Remember this ISN'T AB ANYMORE.

    Don't you worry Dan, IBEW Local 363 isn't crying about the time or money we have spent or will spend - we are here to help our fellow workers get a contract and to represent them.

    I don't know what union you dealt with in the past Dan but you are going to have such a great experience with IBEW Local 363. I am going to teach you so much about how to treat people and how to be a good manager. Lord knows I hear you could use a hand. Next year you will be bragging about what a great relationship we all have and how happy and PRODUCTIVE the people are
    now that they HAVE A CONTRACT.

    August 27 and 28 starts OUR new relationship - me and you - a real good one.

    That is what IBEW Local 363 is going to bring to that table. The MAIN ISSUE is people deserve to have a contract - LETS TALK ABOUT THAT ONE DAN.

    You always seem to pull up lame when that play is called.

    Let me tell it to you straight Dan, the people KNOW you can't hold it with me in a DEBATE. From your position you are really right not to accept. I would chew you up. You are lying to the people on almost every thing you talk about. In a face to face debate, you can't say what you say when I'm not there. I can prove it - debate me. Just call or contact me, I'm there.

    Let's allow the people a FAIR OPPORTUNITY to decide who is giving truthful answers and who is not.

    If you weren't spreading mis-information you would stand next to me in front of the people.
    If you believe in what you are saying you can say it anywhere. I will go anywhere and say everything I have ever said.

    There is a reason why YOU won't Dan. I don't even have to say it - it's obvious Dan.

  28. BUD "WISER"August 3, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    Cmon guys need those swaps......I can't
    take another round table meeting.
    LOL (just kidding)

  29. In regards to Tony"s letter; 1st paragraph-we will still build a great working environment and the wedge has been there for some time now. Union is the way to go. 2nd paraagraph-glad to hear the plant is doing well, but we will still do well as long as we work together. vote yes. 3rd paragraph- Why will employees needs on an individual basis become more difficult? You saying you wont work with us? But I thought you cared? Newburgh will be a good place to work when we become a team AGAIN with a union. 2nd page-You're right with or without a union we will continue to change and evolve. Management and TEAM MEMBERS have an obligation to ensure we remain successful. A voice is better in numbers. We need our voice back.IBEW 363 will help that.And last we can't feel better about dealing directly with you as it is not in writing. IBEW 363 will have it in writing (A CONTRACT)

  30. Sam I have some questions.

    Our Concerns
    We are hopeful concerning the future but we have some questions about our potential relationship.

    1.Would you be open to a single year contract
    instead of the normal three year contract?
    2. What exactly will our dues be used for?
    I have seen some funding details that don't paint
    a pretty picture. How will our dues be used?

  31. Sam is it true that you only got 7 new members this year? Also are'nt you working on the Verizon contract? Dan said you need us to make money because IBEW are losing members.
    He also said if we get a three year contract
    that total's 262.000.000 we get o dollars this money pay the salaries for the rep's.

    We need you to shed some light on this the film we watched about ibew was very onsettling.

    I will vote yes but we need you to get us through this they are dogging you guys!

  32. Tony,

    Your team is still missing the picture. Dan and Dave are not dealing with the true issues. I dont give a shit that Sam makes $125,000/yr. 1% is a small price to pay for a voice. Sam has not promised me anything but a voice!!! Who the fuck cares where Jimmy Hoffa is buried!!!!! Dont want to loose anymore to an asshole 8000 miles away. Dont think you can fix this one.

  33. Sam does the union members all vote on approval for all pay raises of union officials at 363.If not who decides what or if raises for officials get. That was a question that a team member asked after Dans attempt to portray the IBEW as a bad union.Dont worry we dont buy it. He wont reveal what money he makes, unlike you who did.

  34. Concerned - Here are the answers to your questions. I would be willing to speak to you anytime. Just call the union hall 845-783-3500 and ask for my number or leave yours.

    1) I want what is best for you guys and we will arrive at what length of the contract is best for us (and yes the company too). I have had 1 year and 3 year contracts. Selux and Zumtobel are at the end of what were one year contracts.

    It was best for everyone so we all agreed. What a concept, huh???

    I have also had two year contracts. Most times both parties already agree how far to extend out. MOST Businesses like three year contracts because they know their labor costs for the next three years. Some ask for five year contracts and propose nice deals to accept. When they put bids in for work they can bid projects way in advance with confidence that their labor rates are stable. I heard Dans comment about conservative bargaining if the union "pushes" a contract is a 3 year contract. First, that statement is just to install fear in some people over what is a non issue. Secondly, that is a false statement - you need to know all of the details of the contract to decide how far you want to go out - the length is secondary to detail bargaining. In other words, a 3 year contract with what details?

    2) Your dues along with my dues and the dues of all of our members goes into the general fund. That fund is used for every bill it takes to run the union with over 2.5 thousand members. Some of which includes costs of organizing employees who most times come to us - as MCC Newburgh did - for servicing all of our members, negotiating all contracts, processing all grievances, processing all arbitrations, paying the rent, electric bill, all costs of running the union daily business postage, secretaries, accountants etc. printing costs, mailing costs, attorney costs,meeting costs, equipment, service contracts.

    The Manufacturing, Government, Utility, Delivery, Telephone, Pubic employees and Sign Disions pay 1% of their gross pay up to forty straight time hours for each workweek for "working dues". There are $0 membership dues.

    The Construction Division carries the DUES LOAD of IBEW Local paying 3% of all gross pay, including overtime....and an additional $326 dollars per year membership dues. They make $41.oo per hour - $65.oo per our including their benefits.

    We are all equal members of this union in different branches and we all vote with the same wieght no matter what division you are in!

    Interstingly enough, political contributions DO NOT get paid out of the general fund. There is a seperate political fund that gets all of it's money voluntarily donated from our members.

    Politically - We support the individual and not any party. We support those who support working people best. Be they Republican, Democrat or, Independent we don't care. Take care of the people, we will support you.

    I think that is about as best as I can explain that here but I hope it answered your questions.

  35. 8:52PM - The union officials do not get raises for being union officials. They oly get a raise when the construction electrician gets a raise. It is because we were electricians in the trade when we started out - and that is where our raise is voted on. If the elctrician gets a 50 cent raise and they like it and vote it in - then Sam and company also get a 50 cent raise because we are in THAT unit.

    By the way we just signed a 1 year contract with no raise and that is what we all got - a one year contract with no raise.

  36. wrong again Dan - any body keeping score? I lost track.

    ok lets count lies so far:

    expensive dues
    union officials pay and raises
    can't talk to management anymore
    lose everything
    start at zero
    no new members
    union doesn't spend any money on members
    lose flexibility
    363 is a bad union (ask Tony from Ball)

    I know I missed a bunch - feel free to point them out as we go along.

  37. Normalized EBITDA is an acronym that refers to a company's earnings before the deduction of interest on loans, tax and amortization expenses which is then adjusted for normalization or economic effects to show a more accurate presentation of economic earnings. Potential adjustments to “normalize” EBITDA include AR(accounts receivable) and inventory reserves, leases, market value compensation adjustments and contingencies.

    These numbers are taken from Inbev's Annual Report:

    Numbers are in million US dollars

    2005 2006 2007 2008 reported 2008 combined 2009
    4 175 5 313 6 826 7 811 12 067 13 037

    As you can see, Inbev's earnings increased 3 fold between 2005 and 2009. During that same time our Healthcare cost rose, our pay did not increase to meet cost of living increases in New York - increased taxes, increased fees , Tuition re-imbursement was reduced, Team building activities halted, Our pension stagnated.

    That's only addressing the monetary issues. There is still the division between salaried and hourly employees.

    That's something that managers seem to forget - you are employees, too. That's it. You don't own the company any more than we do. What makes you think you get to make all the decisions when we all have to pay for the results?

    Tell me something relevant, Dan. Tell me what your total benefits package was in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and now.

    What makes your work worth more than mine?

  38. 8:30 PM - Dan does not want to accept that the people came to us - we did not reach out to them. We are taking in 50 apprentices and preapprentices this year, we otganized Gateway Industries located in New Windsor, Lightning Express Modena, Town of Wawarsing Water and Sewer Department, Reggiani Lighting New Jersey,we just organized Olympic Electric, RA Electric, Anderson Electric and AGP Electric will be seeing us this week,We are working with Stalco Electric who is going to be signing a new contract this month, we are also orgainizing the Verizon telephone workers into 363, now add yourselves to that and I would say you look like you are joining an active union.

    To read about dues and what they go for and who pays what read my 8:56 PM answer to "Concerned".

    Looks like another Danism.

    Hope I answered your question. In short, it is not about money that we are here. It is what we do that brought us here. WE GET CONTRACTS.

  39. I hear Dan makes $190k. He isnt worth $1.90

    Youmake all the sense in the world to us Sam and at least you answer ALL of our questions. These clowns think we are stupid. I'm done trusting these guys, all of them Dan, Dave, Tony and that cowboy who owns us now with the $35 million dollar bonuses. Lets ask him about his money he makes or should we say takes.

    Dan be a man if you know how and tell us what YOU make. If you don't you are as spineless as we all really think you are.

    Enough BS with these jerks.

    Lets get ready to rumble.

    Vote YES IBEW Local 363

  40. Sick of the Company LiesAugust 3, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    ok but hold it. So if IBEW Local 363 will only want 1 year contracts, lowers Sams pay, lower dues below 1%, spends more money on members, take in more members each year and doesn't have a blog, Dan would be ok with all of this? He would give his blessing? Tell us its ok and give his stamp of approval?

    We all know he would just move onto the next pack of lies to stop us from choosing IBEW Local 363.

    You're a phoney Dan. You too Tony, even though that's not your real name.

    We are voting in our union 363 get ready for it and we are going to stick together and be strong.

    So have your worthless meetings with worthless BS we don't care.

    363 is coming in on a red carpet here.

    Can't wait for August 27 and August 28

    American Independence Day in Newburgh!

  41. Just an observation concerning the 'scare video' being shown this week. If you look at the supposed 'news articles' showcased in the video, which detail union wrongdoings, they're not news articles at all...but in fact are all written by one Carl Horowitz, the mouthpiece of the so-called "organized labor accountability project". Basically, he's a paid shill, and it's deceptive that the video tries to pawn off his work as objective reporting.

    Given that, how many other things in this video are Bullsh*t?


  42. If you really need an answer to your question, all of it is bullshit. Thanks for exposing Dan again. When you are desperate you are desperate, look at Dan and Tony.

  43. Dan has already been asked that question about pay, im sure he has been here at the cesspool reading the questions but fails to answer. im sure its because he is afraid that we will find out how over paid he and dave are for the lack of services they provide. I will gladly pay the union for their services, at least it provides us with a contract and a grievance procedure, not that kangaroo court they provide, where you win but still loose.
    Well dan looks like your lies are going to loose this for you, so much for your obligation for telling the truth.
    One more thing, i understand dan and dave are still trying to find out the people that are responsible for this, everyone ask yourselves why that is. Are they looking to retaliate if this doesnt go through? personally i think they want to give them a raise and a pat on the back.

  44. I love the actors in that DVD. Who made that video, did anyone see? Who were those people, their names flashed so fast I couldn't read it. I wanted to look them up.

    What does Inbev do, just use the same video everywhere there is a union drive - just change the name of the union.

    Dan - is there a better union you think we should have asked to help us? Since you don't like the IBEW.

  45. Next weeks forced meetings are about negotiations. Let's put bets on what Dan will say.

    Remember the union is not going to go into the negotiations and ask for less. Only the company will do that.

    You still haven't answered my question Dan so maybe Tony can or maybe the anti union consultants can.......if the company will end up paying us less why is the company fighting so hard to keep the union out? That makes no sense. And we all know it's not because you care about us. And we all know union plants are just as productive as non union. So why are you fighting so hard?

  46. full disclosure please, we want the truth, we've been lied to enough, and everything is so easy to find on the internet, the darn truth gets in the way so many times

    let's be honest when it comes to IBEW's political affiliation....for the most recent data i could find(2006), the IBEW has given 96% of its PAC(political action committee) money to democrats and only 3% to republicans, 1% went to independents.

  47. 12:26AM - Really? Here in the Hudson Valley someone should tell local Republicans Senator Larkin Orange, Senator Bonancic Sullivan Ulster, Senator Morahan Rockland,Senator Saland Dutchess, Former Governor Pataki, Assemblywoman Rabbit, Assemblywoman Calhoun,Assemblyman Gromack, Sherriff DuBois Orange, Sherriff Krawlick Rockland, Sheriff Anderson Dutchess, Local Town Supervisors Neuhaus, Booth, Diana, Meyers, Pagones, Distel,Bondi, Former Assemblyman Tom Kirwin now running again with our endorsement, Legislators Gerentine, Roberts, Rolison, and too many Republican Legislators in Orange, Ulster, Rockland and Dutchess County to list here. Again we go by the person and this list of local heavywieghts demonstrates that well.

    Don't forget we get involved in all races School Boards , Town Councils, Senator, Assembly,Legislators, Supervisors Sheriffs, Judges, Congress, President. Whatever way it turns out republican or Democrat is how it turns out because of the people running and how they feel about working people.

    The fact is being and it still holds true - we don't go by party to support anybody. Can you look at any year and say ohhhh we backed more dems or Repubs - or vice versa - of course you can but party affiliation is not considered in the decision.

    Hope I cleared that one up for you.

  48. 11:40AM - Yea, maybe its just me. Seems Dan is hung up on steerng you clear of the IBEW and Local 363. Maybe Dan knows of another "good" union for you guys to pick ( smirk ). I am sure it isn't just that he doesn't want ANY union - it is just this one he is worried about you picking - for your own good of course.

    He is not against you organizing - he just wants you to pick someone different. He is just looking out for all of you now.

    Can someone ask him, " Dan, you say the IBEW is not good for us, if we find another union would you recognize us then?"

    The good thing in all this is that:


    The people will make their choice and that choice is VERY CLEAR - IBEW Local 363!

    IBEW Local 363 is coming in on August 27 / 28.


  49. Dan and dave want to find the responsible party that organized this? Well I know who it is.... the answer is..... the majority of your workers on the floor. This organization had been going on for awhile dan and dave we are strong and we will win this one!!!

  50. I have not felt part of the team since Inbev took over AB. Thank you Sam for making feel part of the team (IBEW). What will happen to the hourly team leaders? Will we remain as team leaders in the new contract? They dump so much shit on us. My boss could not climb out of a paper bag and the guys on the frontend hate me cause they think I'm anti-IBEW. Have to play it that way for fear of loosing my job. Warren's victory dance really put everybody over the edge. Wish it never happened. Heads up IBEW. I'm sure it just a matter of time before the North American Zone strong arm comes to town.

    If this does not happen, how many hourly heads will roll cause of this? Lets see this through and vote YES!


    We will meet to discuss what the people want addressed.

    WE will formulate a plan - together.

    We will choose our shop stewards and negotiating committee.

    We will get our contract.

    We will continue to work hard and turn a profit for our employer

    We will work with management to improve our work place.

    We will operate as a strong unit of solidified workers.

    You will all still be allowed to talk and work along with your management and your supervisors.

    They can bring all the strong arms they want - I ain't no choirboy either if they want to play that way. I will protect the people no matter what.

  52. Tony, I got your letter today and read it three times. I'm sorry it came to this. AB was a great company to work for. You are right...times are changing and so are we. I cant be silenced with a steak dinner or $1000.00 when Britto is splitting 2.5 billion with 39 of his people by cutting more and more. I have never seen morale so low. The current management team just don't seem to get it. Come to New York and meet with Sam for open and honest debate. Everybody in the same room for Q/A. At the end of the day we will decide. I'm sure Sam would understand if we choose ABI. But if we choose IBEW you cant fire anyone and you will have to understand thats what we want. Tony, give us a reason to say no to the IBEW. Dan and Dave sure as hell have not! Otherwise...there is nothing more important than my family and my ability to provide the best I can. Surely you can understand that.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Sam in the same room for heart felt debate.

  53. PEOPLE,PLEASE stop crying out to tony,his SHORT term solotion,is not what WE need,WE need everything on paper,NOT its OK ,things may get better,why would you trust tony,start thinking stright-----CONTRACT,EVEN BRITTO HAS ONE!!!!!